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A Bit of History…

The taxi business began in the 1920’s after Henry Ford began building cars. Everyone wanted to ride but only a few people could actually own cars. Thus, the taxi business was born.


Today, over 50% of New Yorkers STILL do not own cars.  Traffic, parking, and the other associated costs of owning a car in New York and the strong availability of taxi service makes for an easy decision for many.


Taxi businesses are some of the oldest businesses in the U.S.  Yellow Cab of Anderson has been in continuous operation for more than 80 years.


Changes Are Coming…

Technology is bringing about changes to our world.  You can now order a taxi from your smart phone and track your taxi as it comes to pick you up.  You can download our app, “Yellow Cab of Anderson,” from either the Apple or Google app store.


Will self-driving cars or the ride-sharing service replace the American way of having one or more cars in every driveway?  This might drive down car ownership, but it doesn’t replace the need for door to door service.


Service is Our Motto…

Service demands have peaks and valleys.  Yellow Cab, through its Independent Contract Drivers, strives to ALWAYS be prepared for the peak demand periods.